The Best Subscription Boxes For Anime Fans

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If you can't get enough of anime, then there's no better way to get your fix than with one of these monthly anime subscription boxes. Here you'll find a collection of anime bundles containing everything from manga to collectibles to apparel. Featuring popular anime franchises and lesser-known series, these anime crates are packed full of items you're sure to love. 

Not only will you enjoy a fun box full of surprises each month, these anime monthly crates can actually save you a surprising amount of money by sending you a bundle of items that you'll get for a fraction of their combined retail value. Many of these crates also feature exclusive items or things impossible to find for sale outside of Japan. 

So bring the fun of Japanese anime to your door each month, and be sure to vote on your favorite box to let anime lovers everywhere know where it's at! 

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    Get your anime fix with a monthly box full of six to eight epic anime treasures each month, including figurines, collectibles, and a guaranteed exclusive t-shirt in each box!

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  • Manga Spice Cafe
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    With Manga Spice Cafe, you'll not only get at least three new manga releases, but a special cafe drink and tasty Asian snacks to enjoy while you read.

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    This adorable monthly subscription box comes with 6 to 8 different figurines, plush dolls, random household items, and more. Each item is authentic and sourced directly from Japan, which makes them that much more special. With various monthly themes and tons of cool little gifts to explore, you can choose a plan based on how your own specfic needs.

    *Use the code HAJIMEMASHITE and take $3 off your first order.

    • $35/month
    • $33.50/3 months
    • $32.00/6 months
    • $31.50/12 months
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    Created by anime convention organizers, each monthly box comes loaded with the best and newest titles, as well as t-shirts, figurines, gear, and more. Every month you'll get five to six items with an average value of $50.


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  • Anime Tee Shirt Club
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    Welcome to the club, the Anime Tee Shirt Club. Each month, subscribers will receive officially licensed anime shirts. Each box features awesome full-color designs of your all-time favorite characters.

    • $17.99/month
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    Kawaii Box
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    Keep it cute with a monthly box full of adorable kawaii items, complete with free shipping from Japan!

    • $19.90/month


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