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The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

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If you're looking for a great gift that will keep your children happy all year long, then look no further than the best subscription boxes for kids. Here you'll find a variety of monthly subscriptions packed full of toys, games, and learning activities. Whether your child is into art, science, sports, toys, or animals you'll find something here for everyone with this collection of unique bundles.

Many of these kids subscriptions were developed by teachers or other education professionals in order to give kids a way to unplug from the screens they spend so much time in front of these days. These cool crates give you the opportunity to do everything with your children from reading with your kids to helping them build a volcano. 

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    Enjoy new and exciting crafts every month with this adorable subscription box. Complete with everything you need, We Craft Box comes with enough materials to easily be shared with two little ones. Curated for kids aged 3-9, you’ll love how it helps bring out your child’s inner DiVinci.

    Reviewer Kennedy B and her granddaughter are big fans:

    My 9 year old granddaughter LOVED her first box. As soon as she finished it she video chatted me to show me what she had made. It looked almost exactly like the craft done by the professionals. I asked if she wanted to continue to receive boxes and she said YES!

    Price: $25.00/month

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    Made for busy moms BY busy moms, Little Learners is a fun and engaging monthly subscription box that typically comes with three to five activity kits. Best of all, every kit is already prepped and assembled, meaning there’s no extra work to be done on your end. Little Learners offers a unique way to help children build those necessary preschool skills.

    Reviewer Kourtney P says her daughter learned a lot:

    I adore these boxes and they were perfectly themed and very accurate for little minds. My daughter loves them so much and had so much fun doing each activity. Highly recommended for anyone who has a toddler.

    Price: $13.00/month

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    Help your child expand their imagination with this adorable book subscription box. Depending on your particular subscription, you’ll receive between one, two, or three expertly curated books every month to help get your child excited about reading.

    Reviewer Cindie D. writes:

    This was purchased for my Kindergarten God-children and they love it. So excited each month to receive their new box. I would highly recommend this for all kiddos. It is so important to get books in their hands to make them lifelong readers and learners. Thank you Owl Books!

    Price: $31.67/month

  • Know a little girl or boy who loves horses? Look no further for the perfect gift than this awesome monthly horse box that comes with horse themed toys, books, trinkets, and other items.

    Stephanie E says:

    Such a great box for horse loving kids!!! The box was so nice everything wrapped in colorful tissue paper like a present. She was excited when she saw the horse emblem on the outside but literally started jumping up and down when she started opening it up and pulling everything out ❤ She is only 3 almost 4, they have a questionnaire and they did sent age appropriate stuff for her. She recieved, a box set of 4 horses, 2 separate larger horses, a big coloring book, a felt coloring page and a box of crayons. The box is great quality, I highly recommend it!

    Price: $29.00/month