The Best Characters On HBO's 'Succession'

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The best characters on HBO’s Succession are both ruthless and resourceful; they’re full of big dreams and aren’t afraid to break a few eggs in order to achieve them.

Succession follows the powerful Roy family as they plot to overthrow one another and take control of their father’s company. Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, is cold and calculating, and his sons, Connor, Roman, Kendall (who has gone rogue as of late), are all vying to take his place as the head of the family. From Frank Vernon, COO of Waystar and Logan’s longtime friend to Tom Wamsgans, Shiv’s husband and slimeball extraordinaire, these are the best (and worst) characters on Succession.

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  • Kendall Roy
    Photo: HBO
    911 VOTES

    "Do I go Hulk, or Bruce Banner?"

    Played by: Jeremy Strong

    Company role: Co-COO of Waystar

    911 votes
  • Greg Hirsch
    Photo: HBO
    794 VOTES

    "If I eat any more songbirds I’m going to hurl."

    Played by: Nicholas Braun

    Company role: Employee in Parks Division at Waystar Royco

    794 votes
  • Gerri Killman
    Photo: HBO
    651 VOTES

    Played by: J. Smith-Cameron

    Company role: General Counsel to Waystar Royco

    651 votes
  • Roman Roy
    Photo: Sucession / HBO
    778 VOTES

    "I like hurting human beings as much as the next guy, but this is really ****ing good."

    Played by: Kieran Culkin

    Company role: COO of Waystar Royco

    778 votes
  • Tom Wambsgans
    Photo: HBO
    755 VOTES

    It's like a closed loop system.

    Played by: Matthew Macfadyen

    Company role: Supervisor at Waystar Royco

    755 votes
  • Logan Roy
    Photo: Succession / HBO
    613 VOTES

    "What have you had your entire life that I didn’t give you?"

    Played by: Brian Cox

    Company role: CEO of Waystar Royco

    613 votes