The Best Sugar Free Frozen Treats

If you’re a diabetic, or are simply trying to cut back on your sugar intake, there are a variety of sugar-free popsicle and fruit bar flavors to choose from. If you’ve ever wondered, “What are the healthiest sugar-free popsicle flavors on the market?” before you’re not the only one: people who have taken the sugarless frozen treat plunge have either been severely disappointed in the flavor or incredibly impressed! This handy list of the best sugarlessflavors should help you narrow your search down significantly. There used to not be a diabetic alternative for sweets and treats; health-conscious enthusiasts also had to cut out the desserts completely in order to stay fit. It seems that all natural popsicles are the way to go if you fall into either one of those categories. People who have sampled the variety of flavors from different frozen treat makers have left a plethora of feedback on the internet, either warning others of how awful the taste is, or letting internet surfers know the absolute best flavors out there. This list was compiled from people who have actually tried these flavors and left feedback for it.Remember to keep in mind: each flavor in the list is only sugar-free with the “no sugar added” label on the package! When in doubt, check the labels out! Bon appétit!
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  • 1
    172 votes

    Edy's Grape Cherry Tropical Fruit Bar Whole Fruit

  • 2
    119 votes

    Popsicle Sugar Free Fudgsicle

  • 3
    143 votes

    Popsicle Sugar Free Tropicals

  • 4
    70 votes

    Dreyer's Variety Pack No Sugar Added Strawberry Tangerine and Raspberry

  • 5
    67 votes

    Popsicle Sugar Free Cherry

  • 6
    69 votes

    Dreyer's Outshine Strawberry Bar