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The 15 Best Movies About Suicide (or Seemingly Suicidal) Missions

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the latest in a long and proud tradition of suicide mission movies. Not to be confused with "men on a mission" films, these flicks aren't just about a group of people trying to accomplish a goal. No, these movies are about people going out... and they're not expected to come back. Whether it's in ancient Greece or World War II, there have been plenty of impossible situations that people have conquered in real life, so of course there's going to be films about it.

 It's no coincidence that most suicide mission films are set during the second World War. It's the perfect venue for setting up missions with impossible odds. Given that Star Wars was directly inspired by parts of World War II, expect to see a lot of influence from the following films in Rogue One. Curious which films are the best of the lot? Check out the list below!