The Best Summer Beers

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Summer beers that are best enjoyed in warm weather. Blonde, Kölsch, and varieties of lighter ales. Must be available in stores.

It's super hot out during the summer months, and when you need to cool off, there are few things that can match a sip of an ice cold, perfectly brewed beer. There are many beers to choose from in any season, but particularly during summer shelves are stocked with refreshing summer brews - offering up a bevy of good summer beers to choose from. If you're looking for a complete ranking of the best warm weather, summertime beers, this list has you covered.

Of varying ABV, this beer list has everything from local brews like the Boulevard Sporting KC Championship Ale, all the way to major national chains like Shock Top's Lemon Shandy that's on every shelf in America. When you're out on the beach, or even just out on your back patio with friends, picking a selection from some of these summer beer brands is guaranteed to make the heat more bearable - even enjoyable!

So take a look at this list of the best summer beers, vote up your favorites and rerank to your heart's content! Summer beers are probably the absolute best way to while away a hot day. When it starts cooling down and getting into the fall, check out the best fall beers list as well! The beautiful world of beer has you covered for all seasons!
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  • Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
    98 votes

    Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy

    Summer in a bottle; when lemonade and beer make sweet love.
  • Bell’s Oberon
    56 votes

    Bell’s Oberon

  • Sam Adams Summer Ale
    85 votes

    Sam Adams Summer Ale

  • Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat
    82 votes

    Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat

  • Alaskan Brewing Co. Summer Ale
    37 votes

    Alaskan Brewing Co. Summer Ale