The Best Summer Fruits to Keep Around

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List only includes fruits that naturally ripen in the summer.

The best summer fruits to keep around are those that are at their peak of flavor. The summer months are a bonanza for fruit-lovers, with several different tasty treats in season. This list includes some of the greatest summer fruits to have on hand for making delicious fruit salads, smoothies, or for just snacking. Be sure to vote for your favorite summer fruit (and of course, vote down any fruits you simply don't like).

Knowing which summer fruits are in season can make a big difference in your grocery bill. Buying fruit in season virtually guarantees that you'll get a lower price, and as a bonus, the fruit will likely be packed with flavor. Eating fruit is always a great diet choice year-round, but summertime is the right time to savor the bounty and keep these summer fruits around. Berries, melons and peaches are all excellent choices. Consider combining some great summer fruit offerings with other, year-round fruits, like bananas (lemons and coconut are also almost year-round).

This list includes fruit available during the summer months, but keep in mind that some fruits might not be in season until later in the season (apples and pears are examples). The summer fruits available to you will also vary, depending on where you live. Fortunately for everyone, there are plenty of wonderful summer fruits to go around, so it's time to take advantage!

If you are ever at a party, and someone goes "name some fruits!" you're going to be real glad you took a peek at list summer fruits list. While the weather's still warm, also check out this list of the most delicious summer cocktails.
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