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16 Times Summer Proved To Be The MVP Of ‘Rick & Morty’

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With her high ponytail, dark sense of humor, and ability to stay calm during most life and death situations, Summer is proving to be the best member of the Smith household. Though often overlooked and overshadowed by younger brother Morty, Summer has proved time and time again that she can hang with the big boys and is perfectly capable of saving the Earth if she wanted.

Here are a few times in which Summer Smith proved to be the MVP of a particular episode. Vote up the Summer moments that saved the day. 

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    Summer Becomes An Alien Queen

    Season 4, Episode 7 - "Promortyus" 

    After a race of facehuggers take hold of Rick and Morty, Summer is left alone on an alien planet. When Rick and Morty return to their senses and finally remember to rescue Summer was left on the alien world, they quickly discover she has become the empress. 

    While left on her own, the facehuggers attempt to assimilate Summer, only to be thwarted by a toothpick. After she is deemed a god, she helps renovate and rebuild their society, advancing the alien race and becoming their queen. 

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    She Defeats Tiny Rick And Frees Her Grandfather

    Season 2, Episode 7 - "Big Trouble In Little Sanchez"

    After Rick moves his consciousness into a teenage version of himself so he can relate to his grandkids and kill vampires, only Summer realizes that something is amiss. She interprets a hidden message in Tiny Rick's songs as a cry for help, but her worries are quickly dismissed by Morty, who has become more popular thanks to Tiny Rick. 

    After a few failed attempts to help the real Rick escape his teenage flesh jail, she finally convinces her brother that their grandfather needs their help. Summer then forces Tiny Rick to listen to the sad, sad songs of Elliot Smith, forcing the teenage imposter to reboot and free her Grandpa Rick from his imprisonment. Rick even thanks his grandkids...sort of:

    Thanks, kids. You figured it out. Well, Summer did. Kinda weird you were that willing to sell my existence out for some trim, Morty?

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    Summer Goes Full Action Hero When Snakes Attack Her Family

    Season 4, Episode 5 - "Rattlestar Ricklactica"

    After Morty alters the timeline and technology of a snake planet, he creates a Terminator-esque situation but involving reptiles. As the snakes attack the Smith household in an attempt to both save and kill Morty, the whole family is forced to battle the slimey timetravelers. 

    Summer has her moment when snakes descend on the house and she begins killing snakes by the hundreds with a large machete, screaming:

    Nobody chokes me without consent! 

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    Summer Saves Rick's Life Thanks To Her Fabulous Fashion Sense

    Season 1, Episode 7 - “Raising Gazorpazorp”

    In one of their first adventures without Morty, Summer and Rick visit the planet Gazorpazorp with the intention of taking "Morty Jr." (the offspring of Morty and his sex robot) back to his home planet. After a mishap that leaves the duo stranded on the planet, it is discovered that the planet is a matriarchal society, who do not take kindly to the pair.

    Before their death Sentence, Summer makes a plea to save their lives, using an early compliment about her blouse as a means in which to point out that men are just as valuable as women, seeing as how a man designed her shirt, stating:

    If you think my top is cute, you can not execute.

    As the female Gazorpians acknowledge that the shirt is cute, they release the duo to go back to their "weird planet, where women are equal but not really."

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