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The Best Summer Smith Character Quotes From 'Rick and Morty'

2 Apr 2020 479 votes 38 voters25 items

The best Summer Smith quotes prove that the girls in the Smith household can have just as exciting of adventures as the boys. In Season 1, Rick pretty much only took Morty along with him on his cosmic quests, but eventually, he started bringing Summer more and more, which may be why he trusts her with putting their memories back in place when they do Morty's Mind Blowers. 

Summer may seem like your average teenage girl at first, but she's so much more. She's a cool post-apocalyptic warrior queen in one dimension and a magical archer in another. She's also known for her occasional quip like the awesome line, "That's because losers look stuff up while the rest of us are carp'en all them diems."

Funny Summer Smith quotes abound on this list. Vote up your favorites whether they be hilarious or thoughtful. 

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