The Best Sunburn Remedies

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list includes remedies to use after you have a sunburn. Can be either natural remedies or products that you can buy in a store.

The best sunburn remedies are those tried and true methods to cool the burn, soothe the pain and begin the recovery process for a sunburn. Of course the best method is to use a top sunscreen and prevent the sunburn in the first place but for when a sunburn does happen, these soothing remedies can help.

The majority of these sunburn treatments involving rubbing a substance or object directly on the burn. Aloe vera is perhaps the most popular sunburn relief product around with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties a proven winner for sunburn treatment. Others will swear by the application of vinegar, witch hazel, cortisone cream or Noxzema, all of which can help remove the sting and heat from the burn. While the effectiveness may very, many suggest applying foods like tea bags, milk, honey, tomatoes and potatoes to sunburns as a miracle cure.

In addition to topical sunburn relief methods, there are many things that you can take and do to sooth the burn. A pain reliever such as ibuprofen or asprin can help with the pain, as can applying a cool washcloth, taking a cool shower and staying hydrated. Additionally, upping Vitamin E and Vitamin C is a preferred method to help sunburns heal.

Sunburns are not fun but by using these methods the pain, peeling and agony associated of them can be shortened and lessened. What's your magic cure for a sunburn? Vote up the methods you find most effective or add any not already listed. Looking for some color without all those harmful UV rays? Check out the best self tanners but remember, moderation is key. No one looks good in orange.
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  • Aloe vera
    99 votes
  • Staying Hydrated
    51 votes

    Staying Hydrated

  • Vitamin E
    57 votes
  • Vinegar
    65 votes
    Spray on sunburned area or add to a bath
  • Cold Shower
    54 votes

    Cold Shower

  • Cool Bath
    35 votes

    Cool Bath