The Best Sunday Morning Shows

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Many people have the day off work on Sunday. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the news, then you may still wake up a little early, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and watch one of the many Sunday morning shows currently on the air. With nowhere to go for a few hours, you can kick back with the news of the day or interviews with some of the most important people in politics and pop culture. These are the best Sunday morning shows available for American audiences, so vote for the ones you tune into frequently. 

Meet the Press has been around since 1947, and it is still one of the most trusted news sources on TV. The format consists of one-on-one interviews as well as roundtable discussions to go over the most pressing matters of the day. Face the Nation, which airs every Sunday on CBS, is also one of the longest-running news shows on TV. It also airs interviews with some of the most important people in Washington D.C.

The best weekend morning shows get you ready for the day while keeping you enlightened with what's happening in the world. With this list, you have a voice to share which shows are the best at summing up the week and preparing viewers for the week ahead.

Photo: Meet the Press / NBC

  • Host: Jane Pauley

    Air Time: 9 am ET

    Format: The show begins with a short summary of national and international headlines. It then follows a standard news format, including clips of news stories to come later in the program. 

    • Premiered: January 28, 1979
    • Genres: News,Talk
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    Host: Margaret Brennan

    Air Time: 10:30 am ET

    Format: The show primarily focuses on interviews with prominent American politicians. This interview is then followed by a discussion with a roundtable of panelists. The panelists often consist of journalists and columnists from major publications. 

    • Premiered: November 7, 1954
    • Genres: News,Talk,War & Politics
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  • Fox News Sunday
    Photo: FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace
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    Host: Chris Wallace

    Air Time: 9 am ET

    Format: The first minute of the show goes over the major headlines of the previous week. The host interviews newsmakers of the last week for the first half. For the second half of the show, he discusses politics with a group of pundits. 

    • Premiered: April 28, 1996
    • Genres: News,Talk,War & Politics
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    State of the Union

    Host: Jake Tapper

    Air Time: 9 am ET

    Format: The show features interviews with news makers on everything in the political world. The show focuses on developments within Washington D.C. and around the globe.

    • Premiered: December 28, 2014
    • Genres: News
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  • Host: Sharyl Attkisson

    Air Time: 9:30 am ET

    Format: The show follows a magazine-styled format. A single episode consists of multiple long-form reports conducted by the host and several correspondents.

    • Premiered: 2015
    • Genres: News, Current Affairs
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  • This Week
    Photo: This Week / ABC
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    Host: George Stephanopoulos

    Air Time: 9 am ET

    Format: The show is a political affairs program that airs every week on ABC. There are many key features to every program, including a roundtable of pundits. The show also includes the Sunday Funnies, which consists of a collection of jokes from late-night programs. 

    • Premiered: November 15, 1981
    • Genres: News, Public affairs
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