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The Funniest Super Bowl 54 Commercials

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The Super Bowl has always been about more than the big game, and the best Super Bowl 54 commercials are evidence of why. From the weird and funny to the heartfelt and emotional, advertisers pull out all the stops when it comes to putting their companies front and center during the most-watched NFL television event of the year.

The top Super Bowl commercials in 2020 feature hilarious celebrity appearances, from Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi for Amazon's "Before Alexa" campaign, to Rainn Wilson for Little Caesars and MC Hammer for Cheetos. Of course, as one of the biggest corporations in the world, Walmart has thrown every conceivable character into its lengthy Super Bowl ad, while Doritos is relying on viewers' love of "Old Town Road" and Sam Elliott to sell some Cooler Ranch chips. 

So check out this list of the best advertisements from Super Bowl LIV, watch the videos below, and vote up the ads that spoke to you the most, whether you were rolling on the floor laughing or tearing up (thanks, Google). Help choose the top ads from this year's Super Bowl.

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