The Best Super Nintendo Baseball Games

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Games don't have to be console exclusive, as long as they were released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System at some point.

If you owned a Super Nintendo at any time during your life, then it's safe to say there were probably a few baseball games in your collection. With so many great options to choose from, there was never a shortage of games to play for fans of the genre. Since some games were much better than others, we've decided to rank the best Super Nintendo baseball games of all time.

This list features the most popular and best-selling baseball games that were released for Super Nintendo. While many of these games were console exclusive, we're allowing non-exclusives to be a part of the list as well. This list includes Ken Griffey, Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, MLBPA Baseball, and more. Vote up all your favorite video games below.

Most divisive: Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
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  • Set in the heat of America’s favorite pastime, Ken Griffey, Jr. Presents Major League Baseball brought the charm of professional baseball leagues to the comfort of your home. With gameplay mimicking real baseball strategy, it boasted features like an MLB license but with pseudonymous player simulations and a 28-game season mode. The game made a home run in the gaming industry, playing a hand in establishing sports simulation games as a formidable genre.

  • Super Baseball Simulator 1.000
    125 votes
    • Developer: Culture Brain

    Going beyond the limitations of the real diamond, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 introduced fantastical gameplay elements reminiscent of comic book heroes. Aptly featuring “Ultra Plays” where batters could hit meteoric blasts or create tornadoes, this game added an exciting twist to the all-American game. Its unique elements left a distinctive mark on baseball-themed video games by knocking the traditional conception of sports simulation out of the park.

  • Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Winning Run
    107 votes
    • Developer: Ashby Computers and Graphics Ltd., Rare Ltd

    Rolling out just in time to ride the wave of Griffey's peak career, Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Winning Run delivers a grand slam with its thrilling combination of detailed graphics and challenging gameplay. Offering features including a distinct pitching/batting interface, authentic stadium designs, and catchy background music, it portrays the charm of professional baseball with an authentic feel. It cements its legacy by raising the bar for the graphic presentation of future baseball video games.

  • Super Bases Loaded
    92 votes
    • Developer: Jaleco, Tose Co., Ltd.

    Super Bases Loaded brings us back to the days of 16-bit glory with a solid gameplay that strips baseball down to its basics - pitching, hitting, running, and fielding. With features like an all-American roster, it allowed players to step into the shoes of their favorite players. This game hits it out of the park by capturing the essence of baseball and its importance in the gaming timeline cannot be downplayed.

  • MLBPA Baseball
    Jan 01 1994
    49 votes
    • Developer: Visual Concepts, Electronic Arts, Krome Studios Melbourne

    Packing a punch with its fast-paced gameplay, MLBPA Baseball adds a new spin to playing baseball with a unique behind-the-pitcher camera perspective. Features include real player statistics and capabilities, all major league teams, and an intuitive control scheme. Though it faced stiff competition, the game managed to steal bases and secure its niche in gaming history.

  • Super Batter Up swatted the traditional baseball gaming genre with its array of customizable options. The game focuses on simulation gameplay where you manage the team and includes features like changing wind conditions, full season play, and versatile team combinations. It’s a curveball in the realm of baseball video games and chalks up the diverse ways baseball can be experienced virtually.