The Best Super Nintendo Racing Games Of All Time

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Racing games released on the SNES.

No Super Nintendo collection is complete without some of the best SNES racing games being a part of it. After all, the SNES featured some of the best racing games of the 16-bit era. It’s surprising what developers were able to do with only sprites and 2D effects. But ironically, racing games such as F-Zero were considered to be 3D games at the time. So what were the top SNES racing games? See how fans ranked their favorite ones below.

Compared to today’s standards, 16-bit era racers featured much more arcade-like physics and were simpler to learn and play. Rarely did gamers get the opportunity to mod and save vehicle configurations like they are today. In addition, gamers for the most part didn’t have to worry about the ideal racing line. Despite that lack of depth, however, the SNES racing games below are just as fun to play as many racing games today.

One aspect of SNES car and racing games that you rarely see today is split-screen battling. In today’s world of multiplayer gaming, no one considers how fun it can be to play a game with a friend next to you. Yes, your display area shrunk to half a screen, but you could learn to live with it. Plus, it added an ever-present sense of tension.

So if you loved racing games on the SNES, then vote up all your favorite old-school titles below.

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