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Ever wonder who would win in a fight between Batman and Wolverine? How about the likes of Superman and Thor? Or even Gandalf and Darth Vader? The creative minds behind Super Power Beat Down videos have been wondering that for years, so they decided to finally do something about it. Produced by Bat In the Sun Productions, each episode brings the fans live-action battle sequences of familiar characters (and even a race between our favorite Batmobiles) and the winner is actually voted on by fans around the world. So, there's no denying the authenticity of the battle.

Bat In the Sun Productions is run by the father/son duo Sean and Aaron Schoenke who's produced a number of Batman fan films. Aaron, who directs all the SPBD episodes, as well as starring as Nightwing in the Nightwing VS Gambit episode, got the idea for the webseries from being on the SpikeTV show Deadliest Warrior. "That show was about taking different cultures and making them fight based on comparing tactics and stuff like that," Aaron said in an interview with Den of Geek. "You know, being a superhero fan and I'm a big sports fan - you're always comparing who's better, Tom Brady to Joe Montana - so it's always fun to compare and I just thought to have a few superheroes go at it or whatever fictional characters."

Which is the best Super Power Beat Down episode? We have for you all the Super Power Beat Down episodes. Do you think this is how these battles would've gone down if... you know... the characters were real? Make sure to vote up all your favorite episodes, and cast your votes for upcoming episodes on their website
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Batman VS Deadpool

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It's the battle between the Dark Knight and the Merc with the Mouth. Who will win? You may be surprised by the actions made by Batman in this one. 

Keep your eyes glued to the screen for a Catwoman appearance as well.
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Wolverine VS Predator

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The ultimate hunters are battling it out for your eyes to enjoy. The action sequences in this one are must-see. Can Wolverine overcome the towering Predator? Don't waste anytime and press play!
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White Ranger VS Scorpion

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It's a 90s showdown with this one. The White Ranger of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers versus Mortal Kombat's Scorpion. Keep the kids' eyes covered, as this one isn't for the faint of heart. 

Stay till the end to see the best cameo ever (sorry, Stan)!
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Batman VS Wolverine

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Can Batman defeat the mutant who can heal from any wound? Watch as your favorite DC and Marvel heroes battle to the death.