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The Best 'Superbad' Quotes

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The best Superbad quotes make you realize how funny the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Superbad, with the help of your votes. Starring Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, Superbad was directed by Greg Mottola and released in 2007.

What are your favorite lines from Superbad? One of the memorable one-liners was when Seth said, "Do you have any normal sized clothes or do you only shop at the Baby Gap?" Another great line from Superbad is, "Yeah... they said that would happen in health class." spoken by Evan.

Vote up your top Superbad quotes, regardless of which character they come from, and be sure to also check out other shows and movies like Superbad!

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    Fairy Tale Name

    Fogell: Yo, guys! What's up?

    Evan: Fogell, where have you been, man?

    Seth: You almost gave me a goddamn heart attack. Let me see it. Did you p*ssy out or what?

    Fogell: No, no, man. I got it. It is flawless. Check it!

    Evan: [examining the fake ID] Hawaii. All right, that's good. That's hard to trace, I guess. Wait, you changed your name to... McLovin?

    Fogell: Yeah.

    Evan: McLovin? What kind of a stupid name is that, Fogell? What, are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?

    Fogell: No, they let you pick any name you want when you get down there.

    Seth: And you landed on McLovin?

    Fogell: Yeah. It was between that and Muhammad.

    Seth: Why the f*ck would it between that and Muhammad?! Why don't you just pick a common name like a normal person?

    Fogell: "Muhammad" is the most commonly used name on Earth. Read a f*cking book for once!

    Evan: Fogell, have you actually ever met anyone named "Muhammad"?

    Fogell: Have you actually ever met anyone named "McLovin"?

    Seth: No! That's why you picked a dumb f*cking name!

    Fogell: F*ck you!

    Seth: Give me that. All right, you look like a future pedophile in this picture, number 1. Number 2: it doesn't even have a first name. It just says "McLovin"!

    Evan: What?! One name? One name? Who are you, Seal?

    Seth: Fogell, this ID says that you're 25 years old. Why wouldn't you just put 21, man?

    Fogell: Seth, Seth, Seth. Listen up, *ss-face! Every day, hundreds of kids go into the liquor store with fake IDs, and every single one says they're 21. How many 21-year-olds do you think there are in this town? It's called f*cking strategy, all right?

    Evan: Stay calm, okay? Let's not lose our heads. It's-it's a fine ID. It'll-it's going to work. It's passable, okay? This isn't terrible. I mean, it's up to you, Fogell. This guy is either going to think, "Here's another kid with a fake ID," or "Here's McLovin, a 25-year-old Hawaiian organ donor." Okay? So what's it gonna be?

    Fogell: (smiling) I am McLovin!

    Seth: No, you're not. No one's McLovin. McLovin's never existed because that's a made-up, dumb, motherf*cking fairy tale name, you f*ck!


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      My Back

      Seth: Well, Jules, funny thing about my back is it's located on my c*ck! ha ha!


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      • Bottle Of Lube
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        Bottle Of Lube

        Seth: What, you think Becca's going to be psyched that you brought a bottle of lube? "Oh, Evan! Thank you so much for bringing that lube for my pussy! I could never handle your f*cking four-inch dick inside my p*ssy without your gigantic bottle of LUBE!" These girls are 18 years old. They aren't dried up old ladies, man. They're good to go!

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          Like Aladdin

          Fogell: Oh oh, I forgot to tell you: my mom said we could have the TV from the basement...

          Evan: Shut the f*ck up, man. He's gonna hear you. Just be quiet; wait until he goes away.

          Fogell: You still haven't told him that we're rooming together?

          Evan: Fogell, shut the f*ck up. And take off that vest. You look like Aladdin.


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