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The Best Supergirl Villains of All Time

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List RulesVote up the greatest supervillains and foes that Supergirl has gone up against.

Supergirl has had a crazy publication history full of inconsistent origins, story lines, and subplots. She's been killed, she's been different people, she's had different powers. But one thing was always consistent: she always had some crazy foes in her rogues gallery. Who are the best Supergirl villains in all of comics?

Sure, Supergirl shares a fair amount with her Kryptonite cousin Clark Kent (Superman) but that's nothing to scoff at as he has some of the biggest bads in the business. She also has her fair share of villains and villainesses. We've decided to compile them here to see who's the best of the best (i.e. the worst of the worst) so vote up the villains from Supergirl comics that you think are the greatest of all time!
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    Silver Banshee

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    Bizarro Supergirl

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  • Anti-Monitor
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