The Best Superhero Capes & Cloaks in Comics

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Vote up the best superhero and supervillain capes and cloaks in comic book history.

Capes couldn't be more associated with superheroes. Not every superhero wears a cape, and in today's comic's not many superheroes wear capes. But what's the one thing a little kid grabs, ties around his neck, and starts cruising around the house pretending to be a superhero? A towel, sheet, blanket or anything else he can use as a cape!

Not all the best superhero costumes have capes, but plenty do. Superhero capes come in all shapes, sizes, and practicalities. Heck we could make a list of just the capes Batman has worn depending on the story or the artists depicting the caped crusader. Superman is known for his big red cape (usually complete with that iconic S). Some superheroes use their capes practically. The aforementioned Batman uses his to glide through the skies above Gotham. Storm's cape helps her fly, and Banshee's allows him to channel his screams into flight. Heck, Spawn's cape is a living freakin' entity! That cape is like Venom meets Ghost Rider!

Needless to say, someone needed to gather up all of the coolest capes in comics in one place, and pit them against one another with user votes deciding the best superhero capes ever. These are the absolute best capes in comics and it's up to you to chose the victor! Vote up your all time favorite capes.

*Cloaks are included because cloaks are awesome.