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14 Superhero Movies That Are Actually Great Comedies

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Picking out the funniest superhero movies is a harder task than one might assume. While a good portion of superhero films of late have been brooding movies that explore what it means to be a god among men, films that understand the inherent comedy of a person fighting crime in colorful spandex have always abounded. From 1966's Batman to Thor: Ragnarok to Lego Batman making fun of 1966's Batman, plenty of superhero films are packed with more laughs than punches. 

After a string of self-serious superhero films in the early 2000s, adding some levity back to the world of heroes is what made the MCU such a success. Iron Man fighting crooks with a wink and a nod went a long way toward building one of the most successful franchises ever. And that's before a talking raccoon even showed up.