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The Best Super Dogs In Comics

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It's a superhero dog eat superhero dog world, and there are a lot of power pooches to keep track of out there. More than any other animal, artists and writers like to make dogs with superpowers come to life on the page. Is it just because as humans we have this need to see animal companions alongside our heroes to make them more human and relatable? Is it because we all think our own dogs are kind of super and they deserve to be immortalized in comics as larger-than-life characters? Maybe it's just because the idea of a flying and/or talking dog is pretty cool. Whatever the case, there is a whole kennel's worth of super dogs in the world and we've assembled some of the finest. Who's the best good boy of all?

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    Photo: DC Comics

    Dating all the way back to 1955, Krypto is a Kryptonian pup with more or less the same power set as Superman himself, albeit scaled to a dog. He's smart, he can fly, and he's heroic. Back in the day, Krypto had human-level intelligence, but the character was retconned later in life and turned into a more dog-like being. He's still smart, but just smart for a dog. And in possession of Kryptonian superpowers. So it would be bad if he ever got rabies.

    Aside from being a good boy, Krypto has been a member of the League of Super Pets and also the Space Canine Patrol Agents. He even perished in the line of duty once before he was resurrected in a later storyline, not unlike his Kryptonian master.

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  • Does he look like a 400-pound bulldog with a fork on his head? Yes. Is he? Not exactly. Lockjaw is one of the Inhumans, and he's an alien who looks like a bulldog. He has the ability to teleport at will, kind of like Nightcrawler from the X-Men, and he's tasked with protecting the Inhuman royal family. Aside from teleportation, he also has a superstrong jaw, hence the clever name, as well as the ability to ingest just about anything.

    At one point, Lockjaw teamed up with some other Marvel Universe animals to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet because even though it took the Avengers several movies to do it, no one suspects small animals, so they did it a little faster. The name of his team? The Pet Avengers.

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    Cosmo the Spacedog

    You may recognize Cosmo from his appearance in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.  In the comics, Cosmo has a much more important role and is even a member of the Guardians. Not only does the dog have telepathic powers, but he's also the security chief of the space station called Knowhere.

    Cosmo is a nod to the real-life dog Laika, which was the first living thing to orbit the Earth as part of the Soviet space program back in 1957. The real-life dog didn't survive the journey, but Cosmo drifted off course and was mutated by cosmic rays before arriving at Knowhere. Though he seems like just a dog, he has telepathic abilities that make him tougher than a large number of Marvel's top-tier characters.

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    If you're at all familiar with the character Deadpool, you know there are no rules in his universe and anything could make sense. In the spirit of that, Dogpool is an alternate-universe version of Deadpool.

    A stray dog named Wilson was subjected to an experiment with permanent, self-renewing eye shadow. The experiment failed and the dog, thrown into the trash, resurrected as Dogpool. After joining the circus, the Deadpool we all know and love discovers him and has him join the Deadpool Corps, a trans-dimensional team of Deadpools who are all just as weird as this one.

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