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Superheroes With The Best Evil Doppelgangers

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Doppelgangers and evil twins have been a superhero staple for years. Often times, comic book publishers have the evil twins or doppelgangers coming from an alternate universe or coming to life after cloning the heroes. In other cases, superheroes and their evil counterparts have met before, either as rivals or past mentors, and are both seeking revenge.

Our list of superhero doppelgangers consists of previous mentors, rivals, clones, alternate versions, and more. We have to admit, although we want to root for the best superheroes, a few of these evil doppelgangers are pretty amazing. Who is your favorite evil twin, doppelganger, or rival in the comic books?

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  • Photo: DC Comics

    Debuting in 1964, Owlman is a super-smart supervillian who was created to be Batman's evil counterpart. As part of the Crime Syndicate of America, Owlman also has his own sidekick, Talon, who's basically a mirror image of Robin.

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    • Photo: Marvel Comics

      Originally just an ordinary police officer, Vengeance possesses the same mystical flames as Ghostrider. Though the character's backstory tends to change depending on the version, he's often depicted as a tortured character who is Ghostrider's equal.

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      • Photo: Marvel Comics

        As a clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor's story is one of the sadder ones in the Marvel universe. As Cyclops's first wife, Madelyne was cloned by Mr. Sinister and only turned evil after a series of unfortunate events led her to question her loyalty.

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          While there have been many different adaptions of Magus over the years, the original character was an older version of Warlock who traveled back into the past to help ensure his eventual creation. Genetically engineered to be part of a new race of superhumans, his power is nearly limitless.

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