The Scariest Superhero Movies, Ranked

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Vote up the superhero horror movies that gave you the biggest fright.

These superhero horror movies give you the action you want from a superhero movie with a bit of a scare at the same time. From Spawn to Hellboy the best horror comics to be adapted to film are on this list. You'll even find Batman as he takes on Dracula and Jack the Ripper in two different films. Superhero horror is a niche genre but one that has been growing steadily in the last few years. Of course, an audience expects to see action when going to a superhero movie and there are very comedic superhero movies as well. Those films are awesome, but this list is about the scary superhero movies, the ones that answer the question about what goes bump in the night and lives under the stairs. It's also a good list if you are looking for movies like Brightburn.

Blade is a great example of a horror superhero movie that focuses on vampires. Spawn, Hellboy, and Ghost Rider all prove we need a hero to keep darker forces at bay. Swamp Thing is in a category all his own as a science fiction horror superhero. So vote up the scariest superhero movies and check back for new superhero horror movies as they come out. Don't see your favorite scary superhero movie? Feel free to add it to the list so other fans of the genre can vote on it.

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