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The Best Superhero Manga

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List RulesAny manga about 'superheros' in the traditional Western sense.

It's time to give superhero manga some much needed attention. If you love watching heroes save the day, these great superhero manga are right up your alley. 

Which is the best superhero manga? Recently, My Hero Academia made a huge splash in the manga world. While Kohei Horikoshi's tale of a young boy with no superpowers who gains one of the most incredible powers in the world deserves a prominant spot on any list of great superhero manga, it's not the only one out there. Ultraman is an old-school manga that served as a sequel to the live action tokusatsu series, and Heroman is a manga about a young boy named Joey trying to save the world from an alien race called the Skrugg. The truly special thing about Heroman? It was created by the late great father of American superhero comics, Stan Lee. 

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