The Best Superhero Movie Sequels

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Only sequels in new / standalone superhero movie series or reboots

There used to be a cliche that the sequel to a movie was inevitably worse. That expectation has dried up in recent years, not necessarily because sequels magically got better, but because sequels became such a huge part of the film industry’s business model that, simply by the law of averages, it could no longer be reliably true.

No genre is more natural a fit for sequelization than the superhero movie, given its basis in serialized comic book storytelling - so perhaps it’s no surprise that it is the genre, more than any other, that came to dominate Hollywood in the 2010s and 2020s. At this point, there are countless superhero sequels - and the numbers are only growing.

The best superhero sequels, based on the votes of superhero fans like yourself, are the kinds of movies that lived up to, or even exceeded, the entries that came before them. Whether it’s an MCU movie like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a DC movie like Batman Returns, or an animated movie like Incredibles 2, the best superhero movie sequels work well on their own.

Go ahead and vote up your favorites, but please remember: This is sequel movies only. No spinoffs, no original reboots, no TV series. (And, of course, superheroes only.)

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