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The Best Superhero Toy Lines

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Action figures: whether they broke and were left for dead in the sandbox, or were kept in mint condition a dusty shelf, you definitely had your favorites. Here, Ranker Comics has listed the top action figure toy lines based on comic book characters for you to rank your favorites! We grew up with these icons in our toy boxes and they lined our shelves - they were even going to make us rich someday (they didn't). Heck, they even impressed us when they made that perfect version of our favorite characters!

This list goes back as far as the 1970s and is reflective of the change in cultural perception of action figures, the burgeoning collectors market as well as cost-saving reductions made during finical crisis. Yes, comic books are a mirror of the times we live in and so are their action figures! We got tall ones, short ones, cheap ones, expensive ones - even Cycle Thruster Batman!

So pull up a long box and dig through that $5 Rubbermaid bin - It's time Ranker Comics took you on ball-jointed journey through the great moments in superhero action figure collecting!