The Best Superheroes To Be For Halloween

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Vote up your favorite superheroes and villains to be for Halloween!

Halloween is here, which means it's time to figure out your costume for the big night.

Do you go as some current meme that will only be relevant for the next 20 minutes? Do you go as Mike Myers and run into 30 of you on the street? Do you dress as a beer pong table or a keg brah? Or do you (what up, ladies) dress as a sexy nurse? A sexy cat? A sexy police officer?

Or do we man/woman up and be the best possible version of ourselves and be a fricken superhero? You can never go wrong dressing as your favorite superhero or super villain. 

So who do you dress up as? Whose the best superhero or villain to dress up as? Who has coolest costume to wear? Is it Batman or Superman or Spider-Man? The Joker or Harley Quinn?

Let's settle it all, once and for all! Vote up all your favorite superhero costumes to wear for Halloween.