The Most Powerful Freeze-Powered Comic Book Characters

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Superheroes with cold powers and not-so-super characters with ice powers have been around since the dawn of comics. Whether it was Captain Cold fighting the Flash, or Ice-Man joining the X-Men in the '60s, these are some of comics' oldest and most memorable characters. Luckily for readers, these characters have stayed interesting throughout the years because with each new iteration comes a slight change in how their powers work.

Some of these beings have actual cryokinesis superpowers, while others simply carry ray guns that shoot ice beams. While some ice power superheroes are literally made of ice, others are covered in a thin layer of frost. With all of these variations over decades of visual storytelling, it's hard to say who the strongest ice-powered character actually is. Luckily, if there's one thing comics writers love to do, it's getting down and dirty with pseudo-science, giving readers just enough info to decide once and for all who the strongest frosty-fighter is. 

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    Where His Powers Come From: Bobby Drake's powers first revealed themselves when he accidentally encased his school bully in ice. After this incident, the people in his town became afraid of him, and Professor X recruited Drake to become one of the founding X-Men. 

    How His Cold Powers Work: Bobby Drake is one of the world's only Omega-level mutants. His body has mutated in such a way that he can lower his body's temperature consciously and without harming himself. As he lowers his body's temperature, the air he is in contact with lowers, and the condensation causes frost on his body, which gives him his icy appearance. Drake has the power to generate and fully control ice, shaping it into any form he desires. He also has the ability to turn himself into sentient ice. 

    Coldest Moment: Iceman once used his abilities to literally freeze hell over (Amazing X-Men #2). As an Omega-level mutant, his abilities truly cannot be overstated. Recently, Bobby Drake flexed his powers once again to fight against climate change by refreezing the arctic in Marauders #5. 

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    Where His Powers Come From: One of the oldest beings in the Ten Realms, Ymir is to the freezing cold what Surtur is to blazing heat. Ymir is the very first ice giant to exist, and his desendents include all other types of giants in Marvel's Norse pantheon. Ymir has absolute control over the cold, and might just be immortal considering he regenerated his body after Odin struck him down in the earliest ages of the Earth 616 universe.

    How His Cold Powers Work: As a Norse god, Ymir's powers are innate. He's a walking, fighting tower of ice that maks everything around him colder. On top of that, he commands coldness at his will, which allows him to block others from manipulating temperatures when he's around.

    Coldest Moment: During the War of the Realms event, Ymir was imprisoned by Laufey and the Frost Giants and used to supply an endless supply of Ice Giants to reinforce Malekith's forces on Midgard. 

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    Killer Frost
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    Where Her Powers Come From: Caitlyn Snow was a researcher for S.T.A.R. Labs who was studying a perpetual motion device in the Arctic Circle. After a run-in with H.I.V.E. agents, she was forced into the device and had her DNA fused with ice. This accident left Snow with incredible icy abilities.

    How Her Cold Powers Work: Killer Frost's body is entirely made up of an organic ice substance. Alongside her odd physiological makeup, she possesses the ability to generate ice and use it as a projectile. 

    Coldest Moment: Killer Frost is so cold that she's basically a heat vampire. In her origin story, detailed in JLA #7.2, when she emerged as Killer Frost, she absorbed the heat from all of her attempted slayers, leaving them instantly frozen. 

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    Mr. Freeze
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    Where His Powers Come From: After letting his mom freeze to death as a boy, Victor Fries became obsessed with cryogenics. He was particularly obsessed with Nora Fields, the first person ever to be cryogenically frozen (unlike the animated series, he was never married to this woman). Fries was eventually harmed while lashing out in anger in his laboratory and became confined to his sub-zero suit to keep himself alive. Fries eventually used his knowledge of cryogenics to construct a freeze ray that he used to strike at the citizens of Gotham. 

    How His Cold Powers Work: Mr. Freeze's body temperature is so low that anything his skin comes into contact with freezes. Although, that ability is never really shown because he needs to keep his suit on at all times to stay alive. Mostly, Freeze relies on his Freeze Ray. The Freeze Ray projects gusts of incredibly cold air that can instantly freeze whatever it touches. 

    Coldest Moment: Victor Fries's obsession with cryogenics is by far the most interesting and impressive thing about him. In Batman: Hush, he developed a cryogenic device that managed to keep Catwoman's heart alive outside of her body. That's not even to mention how, in the New Earth continuity, he created a cryogenic tube that kept Nora Fields alive. 

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    Where Her Powers Come From: Ice was born into a Norwegian Romani clan, where, as a girl, she began to develop cryokinetic abilities. Her father attempted to hide her abilities so that his own father couldn't take advantage of her. After a life on the run, she eventually joined the Global Guardians, and then the JLA. 

    How Her Cold Powers Work: Ice's abilities are known as Ice-Magic, but she basically just has the power of cryogenesis. She can create ice and fire it from her hands in a projectile maneuver. 

    Coldest Moment: Ice's most devastating show of force happened when she was a kid. Eventually, her grandfather and his men caught up to her family. Her dad told her to use her powers, so she complied. Sadly, in the aftermath, everyone in the room was slain, including her own father. 

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    Where Her Powers Come From: Crystal was born to Inhumans, exposed to the Terrigen Mist as an infant, and is a member of the royal family of Attilan. 

    How Her Cold Powers Work: Crystal manipulates atoms on a molecular level, resulting in her ability to control the four classical elements. So, she can control not only ice, but also fire, earth, and air. 

    Coldest Moment: Crystal is a master of all elements and is able to override the control others think they have. For instance, while visiting Antarctica in Fantastic Four #316, Crystal and the FF were bombarded by snow beings. Crystal was able to use her control of water to rip these beings into shreds. 

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