The Best Actors Who Played Superman, Ranked

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When it comes to today's most popular superheroes, Superman was definitely one of the first, and all of the actors who played Superman over the years have offered some great takes on the role. Debuting in 1938 in the comics, Superman has long been a favorite among comic book fans and moviegoers (even when he acts like a jerk), and he's been the subject of a long list of superhero flicks since. Not only that, but this iconic figure in the superhero universe has also appeared in video games and animated series. Of course, with every portrayal of Superman, whether it be a cartoon or live-action feature film, there's an actor to fill the bill. Of all the men to take on the role, who do you think are the best Superman actors?

A long list of shows, movies, and actors associated with the beloved superhero has graced TV and movie screens for decades. No matter which interpretations of Superman you're a fan of, whether that be the classic cartoons or action-packed and star-studded modern films, all the actors who've played Superman have surely done him justice. From Christopher Reeve's performances (Superman: The Movie, Superman II) to George Newbern's voice acting on numerous animated series (Superman vs. the Elite, Justice League), we've seen some great Superman portrayals. 

Now, take a look at the list of Superman actors and voice actors below and vote up your favorites from over the years. 

Photo: Man of Steel / Warner Bros.