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The Best Superman Storylines, Ranked 

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List Rules The greatest Superman comic book story arcs and storylines.

Truth, justice, and the American way does not even begin to define Superman. The character has seen the growth of the nation and every phase of comic books. The Man of Steel is no longer defined by the aforementioned triumvirate, but instead by the list of the greatest stories published about him. Ranker Comics has gathered the most action-packed, thought provoking, and powerful Superman stories ever told in comics.

Is Superman the most iconic superhero? Is the character too powerful for your taste? Is he he just too old fashioned? Superman has been many things over the year's and this list explores the most important avenues the character has taken over his many decades of publication. Vote on the list that includes the original superhero's most emotional moments and his trippiest explorations of the nature of comics.

The Man of Steel may bend but he never breaks- it's why the character has been able to endure over 75 years of existence!  We want to know which story you think defines The Man of Tomorrow! Make sure you vote on the list and tell us what you think are the most important Superman story ever published!
All-Star Superman
All-Star Superman is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Superman Storylines, Ranked
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All-Star Superman is a love letter to the Golden Age of Superman comics and acts as Grant Morrison's masterwork with the character. The long gestating All-Star Superman stands outside of typical continuity or modern interpretations of the character and displays a Superman that is a sum of all his experiences and stories. 

The story follows Superman who is slowly dying due to the manifestation of a new power as he completes his last will and testament. It's more than the story of a superhero but instead transcends the character to that of an all-conscious god. This is a must read for all comic book fans.
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Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Superman Storylines, Ranked
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Kingdom Come, while being a story about DC Universe on the whole, is the perfect demonstration of what Superman means to the public and how truth and justice had fallen out of popularity.

The story takes place in a future where the heroes of yesteryear have retired and a more reckless breed have taken their place. Mark Waid and Alex Ross created Kingdom Come at a time when the antihero reigned supreme, violence and brutality were selling points, and even the most colorful of heroes were getting grittier. The Modern Age of comics had overstayed its welcome and, with Kingdom Come, the creators were able to demonstrate the power these original heroes had, especially Superman, and how what they stood for was truly awe-inspiring.
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Death of Superman
Death of Superman is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Superman Storylines, Ranked
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It was writer Jerry Ordway who said, "Let's just kill 'im" during the Superman meeting in DC Comics. What started as a running joke gained traction and from there and the Superman creative team took the Man of Steel away from a world that had taken him for granted. 

The Death of Superman was a national phenomenon and was covered by newspapers and TV news stations. In the story, Superman battles the unstoppable Doomsday until they both die from their wounds. The fallout from the Death of Superman was equally massive, as the comic sold out overnight and the nation felt as though it had lost an American icon. The comic came packaged in a black polybag and came with a black silk armband for mourners. 
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Superman: Red Son
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What's more American than Superman? But what if the rocket that sent him to Earth was a few hours behind schedule? What if the infant Kryptonian landed in Soviet Russia?

In the DC Elseworlds story, Superman's rocket lands on a Ukrainian collective farm and the USSR takes the super powered infant in. Superman grows up to be Russia's secret weapon and fights for socialism instead of "truth, justice and the American way." The story also featured alternate versions of other superheroes and villains such as a Bizarro Superman cooked up by America and a Batman whose parents were killed by the KGB. Superman eventually becomes a "Big Brother" like figure in Russia and a symbol of oppression. 
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