The Best Superman Costumes & Suits Of All Time

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Since his start in Action Comics #1 back in 1938, Superman has been one of the most popular DC Comics characters of all time. In the 75+ years he's been around, his costume has had many variations in films, TV shows, and in the comics. 

Every comic book illustrator had their own unique take on the Man of Steel, changing up the colors, the textures, and even the iconic "S" on his chest. Some changes were better than others, but which ones are the ones you liked the most?

This is your chance to vote for the best Superman costumes. Do you prefer the classic red and blue, or the slightly modernized Alex Ross version? Do you like Man of Steel's suit more than the classic one worn by Christopher Reeve? Make sure to vote up all your favorites, and vote down the ones you think would get him kicked out of a fashion show. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

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    70s Superman

    70s Superman
    Photo: DC Comics
    The "S" shield grew broader, and the yellow "S" on the cape was more consistent. 
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    Christopher Reeve

    Arguably the most definitive onscreen suit, this costume was slightly brighter, with a large chest shield, and a bold, yellow belt. This is Superman.
    1,388 votes
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    Henry Cavill - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Though, very similar to the costume he wore in Man of Steel, Henry is donning a new costume with some changes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. See if you can spot the differences. 
    1,644 votes
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    Henry Cavill - Man of Steel

    The Man of Steel suit includes many modifications to the original, especially in the cuffs and sides. The colors are muted, the red underwear is absent, and the texture is different.
    1,446 votes
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    New 52

    New 52
    Photo: DC Comics
    The New 52 costume mirrors the classic but with some modifications. No more external red undies, more texture in the suit and cuffs, and a red belt. Overall, it's much sleeker and more modern.
    1,555 votes
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    Superman Animated Series

    This Superman costume is bright and bold, with a nice thick "S" in the shield.
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