The Best Superman Villains Ever

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The best Superman villains show how tough it is to be Superman. This list of the most notorious villains from Superman's rogues gallery, as ranked by the fans. Superman has as wide array of adversaries and enemies as he does powers. Bad guys like Doomsday, Ultraman, and Lex Luthor have been wreaking havoc on the Supes since 1938. Want to know all of Superman's villains and not just the greatest? Then check out this complete list of all Superman villains and foes.

Which is the greatest Superman villain? Is it the beast who actually killed Supes, Doomsday? Or his most consistent foe, Lex Luthor?

Make sure to vote up all your favorite Superman villains, and vote down the ones you despise. Check back for new Superman villains as they are added to the list once they make their debut in the comics.

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