The Best Supernatural Comedy Series

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Many comedies on TV draw humor from relatable, everyday situations. However, there are shows that find the humor in the supernatural. Over the years, numerous funny shows have spliced together themes of sitcoms with themes of supernatural adventure shows into one-of-a-kind creations. One minute these shows are thrilling and the next they are cracking jokes about witches, ghouls, ghosts, and other undead. These supernatural comedy series have found massive fanbases, so let the world know which one you think is the best. 

One of the all-time classic supernatural comedies is Tales from the Crypt. Each episode, the Crypt Keeper would delve into another tale of horror, which was usually accompanied by some grade-A horror puns. A more modern example of a supernatural comedy is What We Do in the Shadows. Based on the hit film, the television series on FX follows the adventures of a group of vampires who live together along with their roommate Colin, who is an energy vampire who bores people at his office job. 

The best supernatural comedy television shows are hilarious on a whole other level. They consistently find unique jokes that could only be made in their universes. As you read through this list, vote for the funny supernatural series you are a fan of. 

Photo: What We Do In The Shadows / FX