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The Best Supernatural Manga

Updated 28 Jan 2019 2.8k votes 291 voters 8.9k views36 items

If you love all things magical, it's time to rank the greatest supernatual manga of all time. These manga all contain elements that couldn't happen in real life, like magic spells, ghosts, and mythical creatures. There are endless possibilities within the genre, so use this list to find some good supernatural manga recommendations 

If you're looking for a supernatural manga that's quiet but powerful, try Yuki Urushibara's Mushishi, which follows Ginko, a man whose job is to solve problems created by mushi, microscopic beings that do everything from trapping people in never-ending forests to granting them psychic powers. If you want something with a little more action, read Black Clover by Yuki Tabata, a supernatural manga that follows a young boy with seemingly no magical affinity as he tries to achieve his goal of becoming the Wizard King.

The ranking is determined by your vote, so let the world know which manga in the supernatural genre stands out above the rest by voting it up.

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