The Best Supernatural Mystery Series Ever

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The best supernatural mystery shows aren't afraid of ghosts, because that's exactly the thing they're investigating. The best supernatural mystery series ever shown on television include both supernatural beings who solve mysteries and regular humans who solve supernatural problems. If you’ve been looking for the best supernatural mysteries and occult detective shows, this list of the best supernatural mystery series of all time will help you narrow down the suspects.

Several supernatural mystery series revolve around a mystery-solving supernatural being, or beings, such as Lucifer (demon) and Angel (vampire). It's more common for supernatural mysteries to be about regular humans solving very irregular problems - though by the end of a paranormal mystery TV show's run most characters have had their own personal supernatural encounters, such as Supernatural, Dresden Files, and Grimm. Not all supernatural mystery series are just crime shows with magic and monsters - both The Order and Preacher are about people involved in larger supernatural mysteries.

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