The Best Supernatural Thriller Series

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Vote up the best supernatural thriller series that have aired on television.

Among our favorite genres are sub-genres that sometimes feel like they were designed specifically for us. In the case of thrillers, it's the spine-tinglingly spooky supernatural thriller that is currently lighting up the TV landscape and filling it with Demogorgons, exorcists, mysteries, and storylines that manage to be undead, yet pulse-racing. And we couldn't be happier.

These supernatural thriller TV shows are all at once risk-taking, innovative, and deserving of a week-long binge watch with no break. While some of television's best supernatural thrillers - we're looking at you Twilight Zone - have been around since the beginning of television, the revitalization of the genre that started with shows like Fringe and Supernatural have carried over into the DNA of the best shows still on the air. With their rich mythology, flawed characters, and endless cliffhangers, it's safe to say we can't get enough supernatural thrillers on television.

With the sub-genre going stronger than ever on the small screen, there's no better time to turn off all the lights, question whether or not your best friend is a vampire, recite some Latin spells from a dusty old book, and rank the best supernatural thriller series on TV.

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