The Best Supporting Characters In The MCU

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While some of these sidekicks and supporting characters may not be bonafide superheroes, they can all still pack a punch. Whether they're fighting in the trenches, providing moral support, or sitting on the sidelines hacking into some bad guy's mainframe, our favorite superheroes would have a much harder time winning the war without these guys by their side.

After all, would Thor have been able to travel back to Asgard without Erik Selvig’s help? And would the T’Challa have been able to defeat Kilmonger and Ross’s army without M'Baku and the Jabari? Maybe, but probably not. From everyday high school kid Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man movies and even sidekicks who started out as villains like Bucky Barnes and Yondu, this list includes the best MCU supporting characters of all time. Who's your favorite?

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