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15 Times Movie Stars Took Surprise Supporting Roles And Stole The Show

6 Aug 2020 899 votes 190 voters 8.3k views15 items

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If you see movies on a regular basis, you've undoubtedly had the experience of seeing a star in a supporting role that came as a complete surprise. We're not talking about quickie cameos designed to earn a cheap laugh, but scenes in which a respected performer shows up to play an important character. That can be fun, as it offers something unexpected. At the same time, when the casting is shrewd, the abrupt arrival of a major star usually signifies something important is happening. These surprise appearances often give the actor the chance to steal the show.

In some of these cases, the star's participation was noted in the advertising yet downplayed, or the exact nature of their role was hidden. In others, the stars opted to go uncredited to ensure their scene(s) packed the requisite punch. The practice has become increasingly popular in recent years, given that A-list actors can often earn a hefty paycheck for a job that's quick and fun. There's also a cool quotient that goes along with waltzing onto the screen and walking off with the entire movie.

These memorable surprise appearances caught viewers off-guard but, more importantly, added something crucial to the films in which they appeared.

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