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The Best Fish for Sushi

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List RulesOnly types of fish that you would eat as sashimi or nigiri, not in a sushi roll.

What is the best type of fish to eat on sushi or sashimi when you go out to eat? Transitioning from the cutesy world of deliciously wrapped sushi rolls into the mystical world of sashimi (thinly sliced, raw fish) can be intimidating. For a beginner sushi eater, ordering raw food blindly off a menu may be the very reason you stick to the safety of sushi rolls. But this list of types of sashimi will teach you enough about the deliciously delicate raw fish to prompt some serious sushi cravings and boost your menu ordering confidence the next time you're out for Japanese fare.

Sashimi, the sushi roll's cooler, tougher, older brother, is all about the taste and cut of the fish. When you're eating a sushi roll, raw fish is usually smothered in cream cheese, avocado, or hot sauce, which is amazing and tasty and all, but you're sacrificing the integrity and flavor of a seriously delicious food for the sake of condiments. Sashimi is literally just the fish. Often, sashimi is draped over a small portion of rice and enjoyed with a little soy sauce or wasabi added to your bite - a preparation is called nigiri.

On this list of the best fish to eat raw, you'll learn the Japanese and English name for sashimi favorites listed on sushi menus across the globe. Vote up the types of sushi fish you like the most, and add whatever you think is the best fish to eat raw.