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The Best Suspense Movies on Amazon Prime

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A list of the most suspenseful movies on Amazon Prime, as ranked by movie fans who don't mind spending a few hours on the edge of their seats. Every film on this list is a nail-biter that will have you in suspense from start to finish and each movie is currently streaming free of charge for Amazon Prime members.

With so many movies available on Amazon Prime, it can be tough to find just the right film to suit your mood. If you're feeling a tense, relentlessly suspenseful ride that will have you wondering just how it's all going to end, absolutely any movie on this list ought to suit you just fine.

While every movie collected here brings the suspense, there are a whole lot of wildly different films included. On this list, you'll find straight up horror movies like Night of the Living Dead, nerve-racking crime thrillers like Solace, and even intense modern blockbusters like Shutter Island and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That's not all, of course. Other great suspense and thriller films have found their way to Amazon Prime, such as The Hunt for Red October, V for Vendetta, and The Ghost and the Darkness.

The two things all of these movies have in common is that they're all suspenseful as heck and they're all streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video. What's the best, most suspenseful free movie on Amazon Prime? You can decide by voting up your favorites below! And if we missed a great suspense film, feel free to add it to the list!

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