The Best Suspense Novels

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Suspenseful novels. Vote up the best suspense novels that keep you on edge.

There’s nothing that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, hooked on a book, quite like a great suspense novel does. The suspense genre is one of the most popular categories in the world of books. What are the best suspense novels? Vote up the best books below and see where they rank.
The novels on this list have been voted on and ranked by the community. These are not only some of the greatest literary works of all time, but many of these great suspense novels have been turned into movies as well. 
This list features the best suspense novels of all time including, Tell No One, The Bourne Identity, The Silence of the Lambs, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Kiss the Girls, The Da Vinci Code, And Then There Were None, The Shining, The Bone Collector, A Time to Kill, and The Andromeda Strain. Vote up the best, most suspenseful novels below or add one you love that isn't already on the list. Then, see what suspense novels are available as audiobooks.

Most divisive: Moby-Dick; or, The Whale
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