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The Greatest Suspense TV Shows

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Of all the many genres represented on television, suspense is easily the most fun to watch. Suspense offers the audience a way to get involved in what's happening on their screens and such shows have a way of pulling you in. Whether you're worried the main character will get away with murder like on Dexter or if the folks from Alexandria will be able to survive whatever horrors are being thrown at them on The Walking Dead, there are plenty of options for fans of suspense TV shows to watch!

Finding the right and most suspenseful TV shows to watch isn't always easy, which is why this list has been put together compiling the very best of the best. Whether your preferences are towards action-thriller series of a suspenseful nature or you prefer more captivating mystery shows, there are some excellent recommendations on this list for you to watch. From top dramas like True Detective to the fun fantasy series Goosebumps, you'll find plenty to try out next.

For more recommendations, browse this list of the best suspense shows and feel free to add any similar series you think are missing!