The Best Swansea City Players of All Time

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The Swansea City footballers have been wowing crowds for over a century. When the club was first established in Wales in 1912, rugby was the preferred sport in the region. But that all changed in the decades that followed. Today, the team competes in the elite Premier League, and legions of fans proudly flaunt its colors.

The team has had many notable players over the years, but determining the very best Swansea City player of all time is no easy task. The best Swansea City players come in many forms. Some of the greatest Swansea City AFC players ranked here play offense, while other good soccer players of Swansea City AFC play defense. A few top Swansea City players are goaltenders.

Who will you place at the top of this list of the best Swansea City players? Ivor Allchurch is legendary when it comes to AFC football players. He played for Swansea from 1947-1958 and then again from 1965-1968. Allchurch also played for Newcastle and Cardiff City during his career. Herbie Williams is Swansea through and through. He was born in the city and spent his entire professional career on the Swansea City team. Other good athletes featured on this roundup of the top Swansea City players include Mel Charles, Chris Coleman, and Alan Curtis.

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