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The Best Swedish Golfers

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Have you ever wondered how many famous golfers are from Sweden? There is no lack of skill in the country, as we demonstrate on this ranked list of the best Swedish golfers. The poll below contains both famous men and women golfers from Sweden, most of which are professional players. Vote up who you believe to be the top golfers from Sweden, and even add any up and coming players to the list if they aren't already here.

One great Swedish golfer is Annika Sörenstam. Sörenstam has 93 professional wins, 72 of which came on the LPGA tour. She has won LPGA major championships on 10 different occasions. Another great golfer from Sweden is Henrik Stenson. Stenson has 17 professional wins, four of which are on the PGA Tour. He nearly won a major championship, finishing 2nd at The Open Championship in 2013. 
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