The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Sweet Magnolias'

The best Sweet Magnolias quotes will warm your heart and give you some much-needed Southern hospitality. The series follows three women who have been friends since childhood as they navigate the complexities of adulthood like careers and romance. 

The three main magnolias all bring something unique to the group dynamic. Maddie is recently divorced and trying to get a job once again. Helen is a powerful attorney who owns a mansion. And Dana Sue is the owner of her own restaurant. Each main character gets a chance to shine in the series, and they all have some excellent lines of dialogue throughout. 

Now is the time to vote for your favorite quotes from Sweet Magnolias. Which lines put a smile on your face? Let your opinion be known below. 

  • Do The Storms Ever Stop?
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    Do The Storms Ever Stop?

    Helen Decatur: Do the storms ever stop?

    Maddie Townsend: No. But neither do the rainbows.

  • You Best Pray
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    You Best Pray

    Maddie Townsend: While you’re busy hanging price tags, Bill Townsend, keep in mind that you aren’t worth the skin God spent to wrap your bones in. You best pray he doesn’t regret his investment in you as much as I regret mine.

  • Lies In This Kitchen
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    Lies In This Kitchen

    Dana Sue Sullivan: I will not have a man who lies in this kitchen or in my life.

  • Fat As A Tick
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    Fat As A Tick

    Helen Decatur: You are bound and determined to make me as fat as a tick.