The Best Swiss Watch Brands

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Here is list of Swiss watch brands that include the most reliable models available. These watch rankings can help you decide which watch to buy next. Swiss branded watches include those from major manufacturers, including Breitling, Longines, IWC, and more. The Swiss watch industry is the largest in the world and Switzerland has been known as the center of that  industry for more than 400 years. The term "Swiss made watch" evokes a concept of quality that has been earned over this span of time and the best watch designers try to live up to the designation. It includes the technical and aesthetic qualities of the Swiss watch and encompasses both traditional manufacturing and advanced technology. Vote on this list of Swiss watchmakers to help decide on the best product. 

The term "Swiss watch" refers to roughly three types of products. Swiss watches are usually defined as watches that are exclusively made by manufacturers in Switzerland, watches that have a Swiss movement, or watches whose manufacturers carried out the final inspection in Switzerland. The watch industry has proposed a rule that 80 percent of the production costs be in Switzerland for a watch to be described as a Swiss watch.

Swiss watches may be battery, quartz or mechanical (hand-wound), analog, digital or analog/digital. Swiss wristwatches are considered a luxury item and the most popular Swiss watch brands sell timepieces that run from $100-$5 million dollars.

Since this is an investment piece, it is often best to go with traditional companies that have a rich history in watch-making. Use this list of Swiss-made watch brands as a starting off point in your research. Users looking for a new Swiss watch will want to research a variety of different brands to find a good watch that best suits their needs. What is the best Swiss watch company? Vote below on this list of best selling Swiss watches. 

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