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The Best Switch Games For Couples

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Looking for a few good Nintendo games to play with your SO? We’re ranking the best Nintendo Switch games for couples. There are tons of games that have been developed with couples in mind, and we don't necessarily mean first-person shooters! Sometimes, it's just nice to fire up a game on the Switch, snuggle up with your loved one, and explore an amazing world together. Which Switch games do you and your special someone like to play?

Finding the right game for a couple means taking into account what you both enjoy doing. One of the most challenging games in the Switch library is Super Mario Party. The game pits players against one another, as well a some AI, as you take on competitive puzzle challenges. Add a few more controllers and couples gaming night becomes a party with your best friends!

There are tons of games that work perfectly for couples in the Switch library, with everything from Super Mario Odyssey to Super Mario Kart, which features racing, throwing bananas, and trying not to get hit by every turtle shell that's thrown your way. Vote all your favorite games up to the top, and vote down all the ones that are better playing solo—or not playing at all.