The Best Games Under $10 For Nintendo Switch

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Only Nintendo Switch games between $0.01 and $10 right now in the eShop.

Save some cash and play the best Switch games under $10 available now in the Nintendo eShop. Featuring co-op games, popular indie games, and casual games for kids, this list of all Switch games under 10 dollars includes Hollow KnightOvercooked 2Snipperclips, and Firewatch. What are your favorite cheap Switch games?

In case you needed all the more reason to love the Switch, you can find all kinds of amazing games for incredibly affordable prices. If you've got a few dollar dollar bills you’re just waiting to spend, Nintendo’s eShop has you covered. From RPGs to platformers to adventure epics and more, there are plenty of great deals to be had—you just gotta scroll through a bit.

Vote up the best Switch games under $10, and add any that are missing from the list. Check out the best free Switch games, the best Switch games under $20, or the best Switch games under $30 if you have some extra eShop coins.

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  • Diving headfirst into a world of vibrant colors and retro 8-bit graphics, Shovel Knight is a love letter to the classic side-scrolling adventures from the NES era. Players don the iconic blue armor as they wield an unconventional weapon - a trusty, multipurpose shovel - to tackle challenging levels and vanquish memorable bosses. This critically acclaimed game enthralls fans with its engaging gameplay, which expertly meshes traditional platformer elements and a unique upgrade system. Complete with an infectious chiptune soundtrack and humorous writing, Shovel Knight stands as a luminary in the indie gaming scene.

  • A poignant and heart-wrenching narrative awaits players in The First Tree, a beautifully crafted exploration-based game that tells the converging stories of two distinct creatures - a grief-stricken man and a solitary fox traversing a stunning, ethereal world. Players navigate the vast landscape, encountering beautifully rendered environments and discovering hidden clues that reveal more about the parallel narratives. The First Tree captivates players with its evocative storytelling, immersive visuals, and atmospheric soundtrack, making it an unmissable experience for fans of deeply emotional narrative-driven games.

  • Transporting players back to the golden age of JRPGs, SEGA AGES Phantasy Star revitalizes the beloved classic with updated features while retaining the timeless charm of the 1987 original. Set in a futuristic world brimming with science fiction and fantasy elements, players embark on a thrilling quest to save the Algol Star System from the iron grip of the nefarious King Lassic. The game's engrossing turn-based combat, sprawling dungeons, and immersive narrative keep players hooked for hours on end, while the addition of a modernized UI, auto-mapping, and a helpful glossary facilitate an accessible experience for newcomers. With its masterful blend of nostalgia and innovation, SEGA AGES Phantasy Star offers a satisfying dose of retro RPG goodness.

  • Delving into the realm of reimagined classics, Blaster Master Zero delivers a fresh take on the 1988 NES title, infusing it with updated visuals, refined gameplay, and a whole new storyline. Players assume the role of protagonist Jason Frudnick as they navigate an expansive underground world, utilizing the versatile tank Sophia III to annihilate mutants, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles. The game's engaging mix of side-scrolling platformer and top-down shooter mechanics, coupled with its charming pixel art and catchy chiptune soundtrack, make Blaster Master Zero an essential addition to any retro enthusiast's collection.

  • Relive the quintessential beat-'em-up arcade experience with Arcade Archives DOUBLE DRAGON II The Revenge, an authentic recreation of the 1988 classic that retains all the bone-crunching, face-punching action fans know and love. Join martial arts masters Billy and Jimmy Lee as they brawl their way through hordes of thugs to avenge the death of Billy's girlfriend, Marian. This updated version includes both the original arcade mode and a tweaked "Quality Up" mode, offering players multiple ways to enjoy the mayhem. With its nostalgic visuals, iconic characters, and intense multiplayer action, Arcade Archives DOUBLE DRAGON II The Revenge perfectly captures the essence of the golden age of arcades.

  • Perfect for fans of fast-paced, competitive puzzle games, Puyo Puyo Champions offers a modern take on the classic Japanese franchise, featuring vibrant graphics, charming characters, and exhilarating multiplayer action. Players match up colorful Puyo blobs, chaining them together for explosive combos in an attempt to overwhelm their opponents with garbage Puyos. Boasting a variety of game modes such as a classic fever mode and a party mode with power-ups, Puyo Puyo Champions satisfies both casual and hardcore fans alike. With its easy-to-learn-yet-hard-to-master gameplay, Puyo Puyo Champions is a must-play for any puzzle enthusiast seeking a fresh challenge.