The Best Sword and Sandal Films Ever Made

What are the best sword and sandal movies of all time? This list of great sword and sandal films runs the gamut, featuring mythic figures like Hercules, Goliath, Samson, and Ursus, as well as classic movies like Spartacus and The Ten Commandments, along with modern swashbuckling adventures like Gladiator, Troy, The Scorpion King, and both versions of Clash of the Titans!

Whether the sword is mightier than the pen or the other way around, we want to know which movies you think are the best in the genre (also known as the peplum genre after the Greek word for "tunic").

Vote below for your favorite sword and sandal epics and if you see any titles missing, feel free to add them so that other movie fans and Rankers can vote on your additions!
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