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Tabloids have gotten a bad reputation over the years. Everyone has been through the check-out aisle of a grocery store and seen dozens of magazines with wild headlines that are most likely false. This type of sensationalism has made its way to television over the last few decades. There has been no shortage of TV shows that dive into the wild, wacky world of celebrities and gossip. Many of them have been controversial at one point or another, but all of them have made for excellent television. These are the best tabloid television news shows of all time, and you can vote for which shows you think are the best. 

Many of these shows get content from the everyday lives of celebrities. TMZ on TV is the best example of this as journalists follow actors and singers as they try to go to restaurants or board an airplane. Then there are shows like Entertainment Tonight that consists of various different segments over the course of a single episode. It also airs one-on-one interviews with celebrities as well as profiles of well-known newsmakers.

Which of these tabloid television news series is your guilty pleasure? Vote up the TV shows you find yourself watching constantly to get all the hottest gossip.

  • Inside Edition
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    • Actors: David Frost, Karyn Kupcinet, Nancy Glass
    • Premiered: 1988
  • TMZ on TV
    Photo: TMZ
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    • Actors: Harvey Levin
    • Premiered: September 10, 2007
  • Page Six TV
    Photo: TV Line
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    Page Six TV

    • Actors: Bevy Smith, Elizabeth Wagmeister, Carlos Greer
    • Premiered: 2017
  • DailyMailTV
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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    • Actors: Jesse Palmer
    • Premiered: 2017