The 40 Best Taco Bell Tweets

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Upvote the funniest tweets and @ replies from Taco Bell's Twitter account.

Taco Bell has never let us down. Whether it's for drunken food or (and?) the next morning's blinding hangover, we have always been able to count on Taco Bell (and Taco Bell's secret menu). Now, they have outdone themselves with their quirky and hilarious tweets to both fans and celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Michael Jordan. The rumors are true: Taco Bell has taken the Twitter universe by storm.

These tweets can be funny or helpful - maybe even both - and they never let a good Mean Girls opportunity go by. It's clear that Taco Bell is a family restaurant by all the love they give out into the Twitterverse, and we think whoever is writing these hilarious tweets should get a raise! Vote up the best Taco Bell tweets and @ replies, and see which ones entertain you the most and give you that Taco Bell craving.